Mobile aircon service.
De-gas & re-gas of R134a & R1234yf systems including hybrid and full E vehicles.
System pressure test using oxygen free nitrogen and ultrasonics.
Ultra violet dye added for leak detection.

Condensers supplied & fitted.
Compressors supplied & fitted.
TXV and filter driers supplied & fitted.
Plus much more.


No cooling or heating.

Strange noises from A/C system.

Leak detection required.

A/C electrical faults.

Call me I can solve it.

A/C Sanitize...
Bad odour from your A/C system?
An A/C system sanitizer could solve this problem.
This can be carried out on it's own or together with a system re-gas.
Call to book an appointment.
Pipe Repair...
In vehicles that have air-con in the rear the A/C pipe will corrode under the vehicle and are very costly to replace.
I can decommission the rear A/C, leaving you with nice cold A/C in the cab area.
Call for more details.

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